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Magneto: Best of 2014
December 30, 2014  |  by Magneto Brand Advertising

It’s been a heckuva year at Magneto, full of brand advertising and…tortilla chips? We give to you Magneto’s own “Best of 2014” list, but ours is full of more snark, sass and awesome design.

A prosperous 2015 to you from the Magnetos!

Magneto backs Juanita's of tortilla chip fame.

Why Magneto stands with Juanita’s of tortilla chip fame

Frito-Lay’s Josefina takes on Juanita, prized tortilla chip of the Pacific NW. We take sides and ask for guacamole recipes.

Magneto is RCTID.

How strong marketing strategies and a community focus made the Portland Timbers the talk of the town

The Magnetos are RCTID and explore how the Portland Timbers front office engaged a community since moving up to Major League Soccer in 2011.

Magneto develops brand identity for Chown Hardware

Chown Hardware unveils new logo

Chown Hardware celebrated its 135th anniversary this year with a new brand identity, developed by Magneto.

Ronald McDonald's new clothes

Quit Clownin’ Around: Ronald McDonald gets a new wardrobe – perhaps unnecessarily

Ronald McDonald gets some new digs and makes us wonder what clowns really have to do with cheeseburgers, anyway.

Magneto goes MythBusters

Myth Debunked: Traditional and digital marketing are inherently different

The Magneto team goes MythBusters and looks at the differences between traditional and digital marketing. Spoiler alert: they’re pretty similar.

Brands snap a selfie

Branding efforts based on selfies miss the mark

#Selfies – brands are taking on millennial social media trends. This could get ugly.

Magneto creates M Financial Group's Annual Report

Magneto produces M Financial Group’s 2013 Annual Report

For the sixth straight year, we’ve worked with M Financial to create their annual report. Not just facts and figures, we explore concepts like nanotechnology and the Internet of Things.

The Colbert rapport with Powell's Books

Stephen Colbert helps Powell’s Books win big

Things we Like: Stephen Colbert, Powell’s Books, buying local. Win. Win. Win.

Magneto designs a hotel. For bees.

Introducing the Ambassador

Take a look at Magneto’s own Ambassador Bee & Bee, Portland’s newest hotel…for bees.

Magneto animated a two-minute video introducing Patrons Media

Magneto produces animated video to introduce Patrons Media

We animated a two-minute video to introduce local startup, Patrons Media.