Super Bowl ad strategies shift from TV to digital

January 29, 2015  |  by Magneto Brand Advertising  |  No Comments

Gone are the days of watching the Super Bowl just for the commercials. While the Super Bowl has always been advertising’s biggest day of the year, agencies and their clients are getting more creative with their multimillion dollar ad buys. The Super Bowl isn’t all about TV commercials anymore, with digital...

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Overcoming Facebook’s decrease in organic reach

December 16, 2014  |  by Magneto Brand Advertising  |  No Comments

A lot has been written about Facebook’s decrease in organic reach, with postings that used to appear to hundreds, now only visible to a handful. For brands it has resulted in paying for boosted posts on Facebook, which has become essentially a paid medium for businesses. At Magneto, we have worked...

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Breaking Bad’s Positioning Strategy Broken Down

October 30, 2014  |  by Magneto Brand Advertising  |  No Comments

Last week, Toys R Us released – and promptly pulled from its shelves – a line of Breaking Bad action figures. Breaking Bad (you know, that AMC show that follows a high school chemistry teacher as he cooks and sells crystal meth) wrapped up its final season just about a year...

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French grocery store is selling trash – and that’s a good thing

August 14, 2014  |  by Magneto Brand Advertising  |  No Comments

Things Magneto Likes: Jelly Bellies, strong coffee, cat videos, advertising and marketing for good causes. French grocery store Intermarché identified a few problems regarding food waste and fixed them with a clever marketing strategy. Problem 1: Produce is expensive, making it difficult for low-income families to eat well. Problem 2: 300 million tons...

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Responsive web design meets responsive logo design

August 12, 2014  |  by Magneto Brand Advertising  |  No Comments

Responsive web design seems like a no-brainer these days, especially when it comes to mobile. Now that 90 percent of adults own cell phones, and 63 percent use them to access the Internet, it’s important for companies to have at least a basic mobile-responsive site to provide potential customers with...

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Facebook tests a buy button – allows purchases on newsfeeds

July 23, 2014  |  by Magneto Brand Advertising  |  No Comments

Facebook, what will you think up next? Last week, Facebook announced the launch of a buy button, allowing Facebook users to purchase products from brands directly off newsfeed and paid ads. This is an interesting move by Facebook – perhaps in another attempt to monetize the platform or be seen as a...

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YouTube squeezes out independent record labels and artists

July 10, 2014  |  by Magneto Brand Advertising  |  No Comments

A few weeks ago, YouTube announced changes to its site that will likely remove many videos uploaded by independent record labels. YouTube is beginning a paid music streaming service, and is offering non-negotiable contracts to interested partnering record labels. These contracts, according to The Worldwide Independent Network and, “are highly...

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