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Glowing Orb Seen In OR Sky!

The SunThe Sun

Well looky there! The rain has momentarily subsided, the Rose Festival is a memory and there are sunny days ahead. And though we'll miss our newest Fleet Week friends, we look forward to cholesterol-laden BBQs, microbrew festivals and tank tops, starting right now. Yes, it's time to enjoy the transitory gift known as the "Oregon Summer". Endless months of drizzle have given way to sunny bliss, so step away from the poker machine and go climb a mountain or comb a beach or something. It's time to get your summer on. And, if you're of a mind, feel free to stop by the Magneto rooftop nude sunning area and have a cold one on us. Don't worry, we've got a vat of SPF 60 to make sure you get a smooth and even "all over" tan. –Krieg Thumbtwiester

This Sure As Heck Ain't Your Grandaddy's Racetrack.

Portland International Raceway is one of Portland's most diverse event venues, offering a space for just about anything you could wish to do. In looking for ways to promote the track,


which is typically thought of as a racing only facility, we focused on the variety of events that take place at PIR throughout the year. We developed a campaign themed "Events for Every Speed". First off the line was a print ad that visually positions the raceway as a venue able to accommodate all kinds of unusual events. We also tied in a microsite to promote PIR's capabilities and opportunities. Several extensions to the campaign are in the works. In the meantime, we'll see you at the track!


Auctioning Off The Kids

We produced a TV commercial for the Oregon Community Foundation that takes place at an auction where one of the items up for sale is strangely enough, a classroom of children. It's for the kids.


Annual Report Radness

For four years Magneto has created the annual reports and print campaigns for valued client M Financial. Well friends, we've outdone ourselves this time. Yes we are braggarts.


Tequila Tasting Sets Tone For Next Day's Hangover

We had an opportunity to taste a new tequila called Tequila 88. It was in fact, the spirit's debut here in Oregon. Mmmm, Buzz likes his super premium tequila.

BRAND POOBAH - By Buzz Winkle
Brand Poobah

You know how I always rant about some advertiser that hasn't positioned their product well or has taken the low road with their messaging or gone cheapo crappo on production or has used a run-on sentence like this one that I'm writing now? No? Well no matter. Ranting is basically what I do here. Today however, is different. Today I'm lamenting. Ironically, I'm lamenting the absence of something that I once ranted about. It was called Mattress World and it featured some of the worst commercials ever produced.

Well, apparently sometime last year, Washington's Attorney General informed owner and spokesmadam Sherri, that her company was somehow in violation for not paying the taxes her customers were avoiding and they shut her down. At first, I was thrilled by the absence of Mattress World spots but after a while I started jonesing for them. It's like how something that you hate just kind of gets under your skin and then after a while it becomes a part of you–you know like a tick or a chigger? Well that's how it was. And no amount of Shane Company, Shilo Inn or Outrageous Audio commercials could fill the void.

Of course, I hope you know that I'm pulling your leg because there's NO WAY IN HELL that I ever wanted to see another one of those Mattress World commercials. But then today it happened. I was looking up a question about sleep deprivation and Google magically directed me to local mattress company, Mattress World Northwest, now run by "friends and family" of Sherri or something.

God save us. The countdown to the end of the world has begun.

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