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nw natural imagine

New NW Natural TV features French baking, molten glass

Not your everyday cost comparison spot

Our latest TV production for NW Natural is a lifestyle spot that also touts the intrinsic and financial values of natural gas versus electricity. Shot at St. Honoré Bakery and Elements Glassblowers as well as a home location, the spot serves to demonstrate how natural gas plays a part in elevating our quality of life, not to mention that it’s half as expensive as electricity to heat a home. The spot is an extension of the “Blue” campaign we created a couple of years back. Matching radio and print was produced as well to round out the campaign.


PBA Gets All Zazzed Up

Portland Business Alliance got a shiny new logo and tagline this spring, courtesy of Magneto. Both were unveiled via a short animated video we created for their Annual Breakfast Meeting attended by over 1,000 business and community members.

United Way

United Way TV Spot Shows Life In Reverse

Magneto joined forces with Andy Batt Studios in the production of a TV spot for United Way of the Columbia-Willamette.The spot called “Timeline” shows a man’s life on a timeline in reverse. (Think Benjamin Button, but more realistic.) The story begins with the man, "Charles,” taking a group of kids on a nature walk and works backwards to glimpse moments in his life such as a job promotion, rehabilitation and to earlier and darker times when he is arrested while living on the street. The spot shows that support of United Way helps stop the cycle of poverty and can help people be valued, productive members of the community.


Raceway Website Gets Design Tune-up

Looking at Portland International Raceway’s former website might have brought to mind the famous Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. The landmark home was built bit-by-bit over decades and has corridors that lead nowhere and doors that open to walls–not unlike the former PIR site. Well no more! Magneto designed PIR’s new site with pizzaz, zing, and yes, a navigable interface. It’s cool, informative, and race fans love it.


OCF Unveils Year’s Plans

Magneto enhances show

The Oregon Community Foundation held its annual luncheon on May 8, with over 1,000 community and non-profit leaders in attendance. Magneto created a Prezi presentation visually enhancing the announcement of a five-year, $32 million dollar investment in key initiatives to support education and the arts throughout the state.


Paint Your Home Green

and lots of other colors

NW Natural’s “Paint Your Home Green” contest, offered a free coat of low VOC Miller Acro Pure Paint for the winner’s home. Magneto developed the contest’s look and feel along with promotional materials including posters, window clings, entry boxes and forms, web graphics and paint stir sticks.


“Bring the Heat”

Offered Up Chance To Be A Rockstar/ Furnace Owner

Last fall, NW Natural encouraged customers to “Bring the Heat” in a music video contest, asking entrants to create a music video singing the praises of natural gas. Magneto named and branded the contest, created promotional posters, coasters and a bad music video!



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BRAND POOBAH - By Buzz Winkle
Brand Poobah

Lots of products have mini jingles known as “stingers.” You know, tiny little musical cues that stick in your head and grind the product into your brain. It’s the signature “bum-bum-bumm!” that tips you off that it’s a commercial for Intel. It’s the way those singers sing the “Red Robin, Yumm” musical bit that makes your brain go into “must-have-cheeseburger” mode. A little annoying maybe, but from a branding point of view, it makes good sense.

Then we have Video Only. For those who don't know, Video Only is a local chain of electronics stores whose radio spots are overacted and condescending. Video Only ends all of its radio spots with a sinister assertion that if one doesn’t shop at their store “YOU’LL BE SORRY!” voiced by a choir of saccharine demons. The tagline is so offensive, it sends a chill up my spine every time I hear it. I believe they mean to imply that I will regret not taking advantage of their prices. However, the way it’s chanted sounds like if I don’t shop at Video Only, a death squad will come to my house at night. Perhaps, now that I think about it, could the voices singing the terrifying tagline be none other than the mournful ghosts of Best Buy shoppers?

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