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Rose Fest 2014

Here we go again!

Brace thyself.The Rose Festival hath begun.

It’s baa-aaaak! Tom McCall Waterfront Park is once again transformed into the Rose Festival, complete with carnies, giddy attendees and their extended families, and along presently, sea-weary sailors, ready to throw down. It’s positively electrifying! Now, seeing as how the fest is a mere stone’s throw from Magneto, we inevitably find ourselves awash in its sensory overload, which means days on end of midway barkers with microphones, crazy carnival music, “aroma of corn dog” and throngs of festival goers screaming their fool heads off. Yes, it’s disruptive, but well worth it. Why? Because of the people watching. Last year’s winner: a mulletted gent wearing a half-shirt, with a giant pink stuffed mouse strapped to the bed of his El Camino. Rock on, bro. Rock on!


Charting Way For Markowitz

Unconventional print campaign for esteemed
Portland law firm

Leading business litigation firm Markowitz, Herbold, Glade and Mehlhaf hired Magneto to create a fresh, new advertising campaign that’s running in law magazines, law journals and business news pubs. The campaign uses charts and graphs in a humorous way to make the point that the business litigation process doesn’t have to be a bad experience. These ads work to promote high level of expertise at Markowitz as well as its fun culture and personality. Lawyers with heart. Straight up.

Rose City Sound

New Look for PDX Sound Co.

Rose City Sound gets a major facelift

Portland's venerable sound company, Rose City Sound, has been the “go to” sound and light production company in the metro area for decades. They came to Magneto needing a rebrand. We hooked them up nicely with a new logo, identity package and website. We know, roses aren’t usually orange, but in the spirit of thinking differently than the typical red-green palette, Rose City Sound’s bold new rose-type logo doubles as audio or light waves as well. Double meaning. Oooo. Deep.

Dick Hannah

Magneto Creates TV Magic for Dick Hannah

Car dealer spots not filmed in a parking lot? Believe it!

Magneto jumped a wee outside the box when we created two unusual animated TV spots promoting Dick Hannah Dealerships’ “Trade in Anything" and “Believe It” sales events. The “Trade in Anything” sale encouraged car shoppers to trade in literally anything–from a jalopy to a goat–to put toward a new or used car. In a similarly strange vein, the “Believe It” spot uses unicorns, telekinesis and Bigfoot versus something you could believe in–a nice, big sale at Dick Hannah.


PaintCare paint recycling in the Magneto mix

PaintCare, a non-profit paint stewardship organization, was established by the American Coatings Association (ACA), in Oregon in 2009. What that means for Oregonians is that it’s easier than ever to recycle your unwanted paint! Magneto was named Agency of Record for PaintCare’s Oregon program for the next two years, beginning in 2014. We’re working on media buying, account planning, PR and creative implementation, in addition to launching PaintCare Oregon’s Facebook page. Recycle that paint!


Chown Chooses Magneto For Rebrand

Magneto recently began work with 135 year old Chown Hardware to develop a new unifying brand identity for their residential and commercial divisions. Chown is expected to unveil the new logo this fall, complete with graphics on their company vehicles, marketing collateral and signage at its retail locations in Portland and Bellevue, Washington.


Patrons Media Gets Video

When local startup, Patrons Media first met with Magneto, their passion for their project was evident – but finding the words to explain their process to three different groups of people was a challenge. We helped them do it with an animated video. Patrons is an app that allows businesses to forward a portion of a customer’s sales receipt to a project of that particular customer’s choice.


Magneto produces rebrand video for Mackenzie

Leading Pacific NW architecture and engineering firm Mackenzie (formerly Group Mackenzie) asked us to produce a company video to intro its shiny new rebrand. We did so and attended the launch party, where the video played to rousing applause. We were honored to help this growing 53-year-old company.

BRAND POOBAH - By Buzz Winkle
Brand Poobah

Here's what I'd like to tell our local lawmakers: use your brains before you spend our money! What has happened to your common sense? Your pet projects, misdirected priorities and questionable intentions are costing Oregon taxpayers millions of dollars. I, for one, have had to cut my alcohol expenditures buy 1/3 to accommodate tax increases. Sad face.

Let’s look at recent events and the costs tied to them: $248 million for the Cover Oregon website fiasco (plus 9 million in ad costs, plus $40 million to switch to the Federal Exchange), $200 million spent on the Columbia River Crossing (no bridge built, project dead), a $950k Hydro House that sold for $394k. (Thanks, Randy Leonard), the wastewater treatment plant offices that cost $5.5 million ($478 per square foot), the draining of 38 million gallons of water from the Mt. Tabor reservoir twice at $32,700 because a couple of nimrods may or may not have peed in it ($175k of lost tax revenue.) What the hell is going on here? Can someone explain? Of course not!

I know, you feel powerless. We all do. But things aren’t going to get better unless we do something. So, I urge you to stand up, walk over to your nearest drinking establishment and get filthy drunk so you can block it from your mind. At least for a few hours.

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