Let The Haunting And Howling Begin.
Prepare thyself for the ghastly horrors ahead.
MAGNETO HQ — Each year as Autumn winds strip the yellowed, withering leaves from the trees, we prepare for the terror of Halloween. Many think of Halloween as a time for trick-or-treating kids, the carving of Jack-O'-Lanterns, or of a crazy costume party where a guy can let his inhibitions go for a night and his GF gets jealous for no reason just because he's talking to a nice lady in a Catwoman costume. No, Halloween is far more sinister than all that. For Halloween signifies the horrifying potential of..."The Slowdown." The Slowdown is the creeping nightmare of exhausted 4th quarter client expenditures. It's the "we're holding off 'til next year" and "we'll talk after the holidays" brush-off that agencies fear like the Boogeyman. Well eerily, we are experiencing very little of that dread thus far. In fact we're downright pleased by the amount of work that's coming down the pike-though there isn't a lot we can talk about at the moment. So hold tight, there's no reason to despair. Nothing wicked this way comes. Good things are in the offing. Wow, can you believe it? Christmas is just a couple months away. Come to think of it, we love this time of year! Krieg Thumbtwister-Editor

Man Found Wandering Alone In North Plains Woods, Talks Incoherently. If the actor had only remembered his lines, we could have gotten in a round at Pumpkin Ridge. When The Northwest Gas Association found itself faced with rising prices and constricted supply options, they asked Magneto to develop an ad campaign that created awareness and started the dialog for exploring new methods of bringing natural gas to the region. Made up of 6 energy utilities in Oregon and Washington, NWGA asked us to create messaging to help people get engaged in the energy discussion and learn about the entire energy picture. The awareness campaign included two television spots, two radio spots and two print ads that ran throughout Oregon and Washington. We shot the TV spots on two beautiful late summer days in the woods outside of North Plains and in Portland's Pearl District. Unfortunately, our talent, who in the end came off as very credible, could not remember his lines to save his life. That of course, is what editing is for. SEE THE CAMPAIGN.

News Roundup

Props go out to Eric Stevens. More Magneto award wins in next Ignition.


Magneto Principal Craig Opfer's
ride in a Spec Miata race car at a
Mazda Grand Prix press event
culminated in a spectacular 125
mph spinout in the final turn at PIR.
After a few beers, Opfer was able
to resume his duties at Magneto.
Hint: Look for the spinning red car.

by Buzz Winkle

Uh oh! Looks like rain. It must be Halloween in Oregon. Precipitation and Halloween are age old companions and always will be I suppose. But you know, the way we celebrate All Hallows Eve has sure changed. Why, I remember back in the old days when I could hand out miniature liquor bottles and sample packs of Winstons to the trick-or-treaters, wearing only a Wonder Woman mask and a leather Speedo. Nothing like a fine Tennessee bourbon and sweet Carolina tobacco as a break from those hum-drum trick or treat goodies, eh? Apparently the neighborhood no longer appreciates my alternative approach to promoting juvenile tooth decay, so now I hand out Purel hand sanitizer and answer the door with my pants on. What's all this have to do with marketing? Hell, I don't know. But what I do know is that this is the one time of year when you might see Mr. Peanut holding hands with Jacki Onassis or The Incredible Hulk tipping a glass of beer with Dr. Phil. What the heck, you might even see an Obama jello wrestling with a McCain. Anything can happen. That's why I ask that this Halloween you be safe, don't take candy from strangers and remember to clear the way for the old man rushing for the can after he's had one too many Apple Martinis.