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9 reasons we love the Oregon Brewers Festival
July 25, 2014  |  by Magneto Brand Advertising

At Magneto, we work hard connecting our clients with their customers on a daily basis, but every now and then we like to connect with each other and the greater community over beer. And the perfect opportunity to do that is at the Oregon Brewers Festival, in full swing today.

We feel blessed to make our yearly pilgrimage down to the waterfront to recharge and renew with the help of several frosty barley pops. In honor of this year’s festival we humbly present the following:

9 reasons we love the Oregon Brewers Festival

9. Proximity

It’s in our backyard. No, really. It’s close. How close? Like 200-feet-from-our-windows close. 30 seconds by foot. A proverbial “stone’s throw.” We’re nose to nose with the snobbiest of beer snobs. That’s how close.

BrewFest 2014

8. “America’s Oktoberfest”

Apparently, the Oregon Brewers Festival made national news this week as “America’s Oktoberfest.” Thanks, CNN! Like we didn’t already know it was the most kick ass beer festival in the universe!

7. BrewFest marketing materials

Thanks to the release of marketing materials and maps ahead of time, we were able to plan the most efficient route to maximize our beer tasting at the fest. We have been strategizing with the team to make the most of each and every token we find on the ground to make our collective BrewFest experience a memorable (and frugal) one. 

6. A six-day weekend

Counting the Brewer’s Dinner on Tuesday night, it’s six nights of beer-filled goodness. Suds consumed: Countless hundreds of gallons. Mood: Electric. Noise levels: High. Attendees: High. Complaints: Zero.

5. The “Woo!”

Speaking of noise levels, about every ten minutes, attendees raise their glasses and yell “woo” heartily from within the main beer tents. They are oblivious to the Magneto team–who are thirstily slaving away from dusk ’till dawn–but we hear their “woos” and we live vicariously through them until we make our escape to join the “wooing” throngs.

4. Free music

It goes without saying–beer and music go hand in hand. No need to bother with Spotify or Pandora this week – the live music works just fine for us–except if it’s a Jimmy Buffett cover band. Though the beer will mask that somewhat.

3. A chance to unwind

BrewFest gives us a chance to meet up with team members, clients and friends and talk more than shop. “You drank a strawberry rhubarb what? Where did you find that? I just had a double dry hopped, ginger wit weissbier IPA with a touch of black raspberry! Um, you got any more tokens?”

2. The beer

88 fabulous beers from 85 breweries from across the country. Does it get any better than sampling every beer at BrewFest? It does not. Are you headed down this weekend? Follow us on Twitter @MagnetoAgency for updates on people watching and beer recommendations!

1. Did we mention beer?

Because if we didn’t, we should have. It’s great. There’s really a lot of good beer down here. We’ve already tasted a bunch of them. You should come down. We really like you. You’re great. I’m not sure where my wallet is. Oh well, who cares. It’s BrewFest.