Magneto Creates Newsletter To Blatantly Toot Own Horn
Thinly Disguises Effort as "Branding" Publication
PORTLAND - Welcome to the inaugural edition of Ignition, the supercharged brand wisdom newsletter created by the rabble at Magneto Brand Advertising. You say you've never heard of Ignition? Of course you haven't. It's new! Duh. Why is Magneto doing a newsletter you ask? Because staffers felt that you probably do not receive enough electronic junk mail and because we have an uncontrollable urge to demonstrate our brand thinking to you. Henceforth, four times a year, maybe, we'll be offering up delectable tidbits of amusing randomness with our rich and creamy style of brand thinking deftly worked in. Think of it as a newsletter chock full of ideas and a shameless self-promo vehicle all rolled into one. Isn't that clever? In each issue you'll find new Magneto work and other weirdness sent straight from our compound in Honduras to your electronic mailbox. As of today, you're part of the Magneto inner circle, so remember to add us to your address book. Now sit back and enjoy your first issue of Ignition. Krieg Thumbtwister-Editor

Nelson & Terry Hit The Road With New Magneto-Created TV Spots
Women and Children, Small Animals Flee For Their Lives
PORTLAND - Entercom Communications, a long standing Magneto client, tapped us to create a memorable TV campaign for radio station 105.1 The Buzz featuring the morning team of Nelson & Terry. Magneto's job was to remind listeners that the morning duo is funny and irreverent. The result is a series of zany sitcom-like spots that rely on Nelson as the antagonist and Terry as as the fall guy. Each spot was shot in the same car against a green screen with vintage highway footage added later to give the commercials a 60's sitcom feel. Listeners are finding the spots hilarious judging by their response on the air and on the show's blog. Perhaps it's because several of the spots deal with meaningful and contemporary themes such as gnome robbing and squirrel pregnancy. View them and choke with laughter and yes, tears of joy. SEE THE CAMPAIGN.

Street Of Dreams Campaign The "Dreamiest" To Date
Sassy Re-Brand Of Home Show Spurs Attendance
PORTLAND - Over the past 31 years, the Street of Dreams has grown into the major Northwest event to showcase the region's biggest and boldest new homes. Though it was the first show of it's kind in the country, The Street's brand had become stagnant and predictable. Needing to breathe life into the venerable show, excellent Marketing Director Ryan Wagner hired the super-talented Magneto team to do the rebranding. Wagner's objective was to appeal to a younger, affluent set without alienating "dyed in the wool" show attendees. Our approach was a total revamp of The Street's marketing materials, tickets and signage along with a nifty television and radio campaign. The results: awesome attendance and an impressive influx of people who hadn't previously been to the show. Guess that's why we make the big bucks. SEE THE CAMPAIGN.

News Roundup
Teaser Campaign For Mentor Graphics' Calibre/nm Launches Entirely New Platform
Competition Soil Themselves

Magneto Creates Cool In-Store Promotion For Western Rivers Conservancy And Sierra Nevada Brewing
Theorizes Beer Is Good For Fish

by Buzz Winkle

You know all those idiotic retail TV and radio commercials that bombard us daily with screaming music and stupid sell copy - where the advertiser puts every cent into media without even considering the quality of the content? The American consumer has a word for that; it's TIVO. Why do you think so many people block out commercials these days? Because most commercials suck, that's why. If you're a misguided dolt from the "It doesn't matter what I run, as long as I run it into the ground" school, here's a few tips from me - the guy that put Klunkle Corn Chips on the map - 1. Create a brand for yourself that means something. 2. Put money into the creative. 3. Be consistent. Sounds simple, right? Yeah, well it's way more complex than that. If you think you're up to it, get a copy of the Magneto Quick Reference Guide to Brand Wisdom and read it. If you don't get it after that, well let's face it there Mongo, you're never really going to, are you?