Summer's Over. Get Used To It.
Even Had Time To Enjoy Oregon's "Glorious Season."

MAGNETO HQ - Alright, summer isn't over but it's almost over. For all intents and purposes it's fall, which means winter is next. So there you go. On the good side, it has been one hell of an action-packed summer for us here at Magneto. Craig The minions have been slaving away on several fronts far into the hot sticky nights to produce some fine looking campaigns for our clients. Check out our latest TV and print work for NW Natural in the article below. It's surprising and fresh and gave us an opportunity to spread our wings a bit. On a different note entirely is the latest Street of Dreams work. Elegant yet accessible. Yes, that's how I'd categorize it. And humorous. But don't just take my word for it. Click the links and find out for yourself. See the magic, feel the dream, etc. And hey, don't feel so bad about summer's end. It's an inevitability. You need to be positive. Just think, when it's all dreary and cold and rainy outside and you're so depressed from the lack of sun, you can cuddle up with a loved one, sip your cup of cocoa and watch a bunch our commercials on TV or YouTube. Krieg Thumbtwister-Editor

NW Natural's "Greenness" Unveiled
In Pretty Pictures and Happy Music

Magneto Agency Not A"One Trick Pony" After All

NW Natural PORTLAND - With the world turning green before our very eyes, we're all becoming a bit "jaded" so to speak, to claims of environmental responsibility. Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon with all sorts of claims. But when it comes to energy, NW Natural, Oregon's largest natural gas utility, has waited in the wings until now. Unknown to most people is the fact that in most cases, natural gas is environmentally friendlier than electricity--friendlier to the tune of at least 20% less greenhouse gas emissions per household. In most cases, the numbers are far better. To generate awareness of NW Natural's green standing, Magneto created two thought-provoking TV spots and series of print ads presenting the facts about natural gas' lower emissions. A bit of a departure but as you know dear reader, we can do anything.

The Street of Dreams Year Two;
Magneto-ization In Full Force

The Makeover Of The Mega-home Show Draws Newcomers

Street of Dreams Oregon City - There are plenty of new faces at the Street of Dreams, thanks in no small part to Magneto Brand Advertising. In the second year of our association with The Street, attendance is up by 11% with a more diverse crowd than ever. By targeting a younger and hipper audience with (you guessed it) younger and hipper advertising, the nation's oldest home show is drawing a fresh segment of Portlanders eager to view the mega-mansions of the uber rich. The trick for Magneto was not to alienate existing show attendees whilst attracting these new visitors. Multiple TV spots, radio and newspaper were the primary vehicles all with a humorous bent.

News Roundup
Magneto creates labels for new premium infused vodka, Sub Rosa.

Sub Rosa Vodka

All the rage with the cocktail set, specialty liquors are coming out of the woodwork. Sub Rosa, a new spirits distiller came to us for three reasons:
1. Our branding skills.
2. Our design skills.
3. Our propensity for alcohol consumption.
That's all we can tell you for now. The rest is Sub Rosa.

Sub Rosa Vodka

by Buzz Winkle

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm too honest for today's PC audience. Nobody wants to point fingers at the culprits who give advertising a bad name. Well I will. It's advertsiers themselves. These days, everyone who's ever taken an Advertising 101 class thinks they have the chops to create engaging messages to build their brands. Well it just ain't so. How many client produced ad campaigns are out there? Lots. And how much advertising does the public enjoy seeing? Almost none. This business of brand advertising is one part research, one part strategy, and eleven parts entertainment. And let's face it, most clients aren't all that entertaining. What do I mean by entertainment? Make me laugh. Make me cry. Don't spoon food me and stop yelling at me! Create an emotional connection with me. And don't try to ram a bunch of your product attributes down my throat. Got it? Well, Matlock is on in five minutes so I'm out of here. Until next time, my brand babies.
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