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“Great Strategies” Hailed As Best Annual Report Yet
June 20, 2012  |  by Magneto Brand Advertising

M Financial Group is a national financial services organization made up of 130 member firms offering financial services to affluent individuals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and large corporations. For the past several years Magneto has worked with M Financial to create their annual reports and print advertising campaigns.

This year’s theme focused on “Great Strategies”. The concept examines the world’s extraordinary accomplishments that were based in vetted strategies and includes examples like Chicago’s Columbian Exposition, the Space Race, and the strategy behind the allies’ victory in WWII. The designs in each section are layered and complex, containing photos, diagrams and notable memorabilia from the event and era depicted.

The Annual Report is presented at M Financial’s annual stockholders meeting and is utilized as a marketing tool for the business. The major spreads within the report are converted to print ads that run in both Private Wealth and Trust & Estates magazines throughout the year.