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Brand Advertising, Defined: What is a Brand?
April 6, 2016  |  by Magneto Brand Advertising

Brands have personalities: some are brash while others are soft spoken. Some are polished; others rugged, confident, refined or whimsical. Regardless of style, a strong, well articulated brand will stand the test of time—but building one can be tougher than it seems. Brand Advertising, Defined, is a crash course in branding, strategy and everything in between with the goal of getting you to consider the very real benefits of adopting methodologies that can bring your brand into the spotlight.

But, isn’t a logo a brand?

A brand goes much deeper than a logo. A logo is merely an introduction to the brand, a jumping off point. A logo must accurately reflect the brand it represents, but it is not in and of itself a brand. Your brand is your company’s platform. It’s an expectation in the mind of your customer. It explains and reinforces what you want them to think or feel when they interact with your company. A unique and well crafted brand will set you apart from your competition, but to do it effectively you need to define what your brand is all about.

The Brand Promise

So where to begin in defining your brand? A brand promise is an excellent place to start. Your brand promise centers around what your company stands for, the benefits it provides to customers, the experience you want them to have and the culture or personality you wish to convey. No matter what characterization best reflects your brand, it all starts with your brand promise. Be honest. If you create a false brand promise, you will fail. Be different. If you copy your competitors, you will fail. Be concise. If you try to be all things to all people, you will fail.

With your honest, different and concise brand promise in place, you can now communicate from a standpoint of self-awareness and impart your messaging clearly to your customers. They will think of you as genuine and valuable in their lives. They may even help you evangelize your company’s values because you are in line with their mindset. And as a bonus, your social media efforts, ad campaigns, web design and PR efforts can take hold and have real impact because your brand now resonates with your target audience.


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